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The YOYO campaign was launched in March 2017 as a new ground breaking awareness campaign designed at engaging young people in a different way to educate them on the dangers of getting involved in activities that could cause them harm.

Bauer Academy tutors deliver up to five hours of media training in schools, during a normal school day.

During the YOYO lessons pupils are educated on the production of podcasts, radio advertisements, video, photos and Instagram stories using important themes as the subject.

The campaign was a big success and successfully engaged directly with up to 900 pupils in schools across Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield through lessons delivered by the Bauer Academy tutors in 23 schools plus six funded by the Doncaster Children’s Trust.

YOYO generated over 150 media products all produced by the YOYO pupils. The products are available on the YOYO website and YouTube account.

The subjects covered included guns, gangs and knives, CSE, sexting, domestic abuse, hate crime, healthy relationships, safe strangers, drugs and alcohol, fire safety, road safety, domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour and bullying.

By using innovative ways of helping young people understand the emerging themes, it provides them with the opportunity to make them more aware of the dangers and consequences of certain life choices.

The aim of the campaign is to engage with young people in South Yorkshire to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, raise awareness of certain dangers and positive life choices in order to stop them becoming vulnerable.







The YOYO Evolution

Evaluation of the YOYO campaign showed that from the lessons over 2017 and 2018:900 pupils attended the sessions

  • 29 schools were visited
  • An average of 100 hits per week to the website
  • Social media activity throughout the campaign on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  • Almost 5,000 YouTube hits
  • Six marketing videos were produced including pupils taking part in the lessons
  • 145 podcasts and radio advertisements uploaded to the YOYO website and YouTube channel
  • Six videos produced on the consequences of bullying
  • One CSE Video
  • Four weeks airtime on Hallam FM to an estimated audience of 348,000 listeners per week including a knife crime radio advertisement from a YOYO student
  • Four summer schools covering CSE, Hate Crime and Guns and Gangs
  • One Summer of Sport Event held at the English Institute of Sport attended by 50 pupils
  • Celebration event attended by up to 50 pupils
  • Newsletter and website coverage from some of the schools who took part
  • News articles on Hallam FM news
  • Local media coverage


The 2018-2020 campaign will be much more exciting.  It will offer some pupils the chance to hear their work on the Hallam FM airwaves every quarter.  Two of the media products produced in schools will quickly be professionalised and become awareness campaign advertisements to play on Hallam FM.


There will also be social media posts containing the pupils work, further delivering the important messages to more people across South Yorkshire.


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