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YOYO which stands for You’re Only Young Once has been developed to help young people learn about the consequences of taking part in activities that could cause them harm.

This ground-breaking initiative is aimed at year nine pupils in schools across Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.  It provides a days learning in a classroom, producing podcasts, videos, news articles and radio advertisements.

Lots of South Yorkshire schools have already taken part in the YOYO campaign, delivered on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner by The Bauer Academy tutors.

YOYO has covered themes such as sexting, domestic abuse, bullying, and healthy relationships.  Throughout the next two years, YOYO will be concentrating on lessons surrounding child sexual exploitation (CSE) and guns, gangs and knives.  These two themes will also incorporate topics such as sexting, drugs, alcohol, safe strangers, domestic abuse and healthy relationships.

The media content produced is added to the website and YouTube and will also provide radio advertisements to be aired on Hallam FM.

Six radio advertisements produced by pupils at Darton College, Barnsley, Wales High School and Brinsworth Academy in Rotherham on child sexual exploitation and guns, gangs and knives were aired over three weeks on Hallam FM.

The awareness raising advertisements were aired to 575,253 listeners over the three weeks providing 2,148,668 impacts.

The advertisements encourage young people to know what is right or wrong in a relationship and explain why you may want to leave a gang.  The pupils researched, wrote and recorded the material themselves.

Content produced from every lesson is added to the YOYO website and YouTube for pupils, their families and the schools to share.

The most watched video on YouTube with almost 1,500 views as part of the YOYO campaign is the bullying video produced at Outwood Academy, Shafton last year.

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