You’re Only Young Once

YOYO is an initiative which engages young people in a truly ground-breaking way. Through a series of workshop and classroom-based sessions, it empowers them to research social issues which affect them, and to create podcasts, radio commercials, videos and news reports on the subject.

Meet the Team

Dr Alan Billings

Dr Alan Billings is the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner elected by the South Yorkshire public.  You’re Only Young Once (YOYO) is the Police and Crime Commissioner’s campaign and Bauer Academy has been commissioned to deliver the lessons in school.

The Police and Crime Plan for South Yorkshire have three key priorities two of which are protecting vulnerable people and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. The YOYO campaign aims to protect young people and allow them to make choices in their lives that will limit their chances of becoming either a victim or an offender.

Through allowing the young people to voice their own key messages, the Commissioner can understand what the priorities of the young people are on key subjects and allow them to educate their peers, families and professional contacts using the power of media.

Samantha Mawson

Samantha Mawson is the Senior Communications Officer for the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Sam is the creative mind behind YOYO after her vision to run an awareness campaign for young people in South Yorkshire schools.

On meeting with Bauer Academy, Sam soon realised the potential of putting together their innovative approach to learning along with her desire to educate young people on consequences.  With this new partnership, YOYO was created and the two pieces of the jigsaw brought together a fresh and exciting approach to school delivery campaigns.

When Sam is not working on awareness campaigns, she is dealing with the PCC’s media enquiries, organising events and conferences and managing digital and social media on behalf of Dr Billings.

Chloe Yates, Project Coordinator and Lead Tutor

Although I have a 1st class degree in media, it was work experience and my time spent as a Bauer Academy student that helped me get my career in the media. I am very passionate about the importance of industry based learning and not just learning from a textbook.  To stay current in the media industry, you have to make sure you never stop learning.

Lottie Walker, Academy Tutor

I’ve been working for The Bauer Academy since the start of 2018, and have been involved with the YOYO project since before then as a freelancer. I began my journey in the radio industry at a community radio station in Sheffield, before joining Hallam FM as part of their street team, and then onto The Bauer Academy as a tutor. I’m passionate about giving learners an exciting, fun and engaging experience, using media and radio to inspire people to learn in a proactive way!